Wyoming Office of Tourism
Executive Director 

Diane Shober

Diane Shober


Diane leads the WOT staff in the development and
execution of programs and policies that achieve mission
and goals of the Wyoming Office of Tourism. She is
responsible for fiscal management and expenditures of
all appropriated funds. She serves as the primary point of
contact with the governor and his/her key staff,
legislators, other elected officials and directors of other
state executive branch agencies. She serves at the
discretion of the Wyoming Tourism Board.
Memorable Place:  Devils Tower National Monument, Sand Creek
and the Big Horn Mountains (nostalgia - we did a lot of family
outings when I was a kid)
Favorite Activity: 
looking at these big beautiful skies! Whether it’s enjoying a star filled sky on a clear summer night or watching thunderheads roll in on a hot afternoon, it’s all good.

Business Operations

Director of Business Operations - Anita Benton
Anita develops and manages all operational functions that
support the WOT brand and marketing incentives. She directs
and manages all of the accounting and financial functions of
WOT including the development and maintenance of WOT’s
budget. She also leads an excellent and dedicated business operations team to make sure all internal controls and operating procedures concur with laws, rules and regulations.
Memorable Place:  Willow & Green River Lakes outside Pinedale
Favorite Activity:  Outdoors, camping, hiking, fishing, hunting


Accounting Manager - Amanda Roberts
Amanda’s primary role is to analyze, reconcile and report
financial information to ensure accuracy and compliance with
WOT financial and accounting policies. In addition, she works alongside the Director of Business Operations with the
preparation, development and reporting of the budget and
annual audit.


Business Services Senior Coordinator - Vicki Morris
Vicki takes care of all aspects the WOT Board. She also writes
and manages vendor contracts and interagency agreements. Additionally, she manages the Executive Director’s calendar, coordinates her travel and assists with appointments.
Memorable Place:  Cody
Favorite Activity:  Enjoying the clear blue skies & fresh air


Business Services Coordinator - Angelina Cisneros
Angelina is one of the primary faces and voices of the Wyoming Office of Tourism. She responds to and fulfills customer requests. She provides administrative support to the Global Sales and Services and Strategic Partnership divisions. She inputs financial payments and deposits into the State’s accounting program.
Memorable Place: Cody
Favorite Activity: I LOVE the fall season, when all the leaves change.  The scenery is AWESOME!


Business Services Coordinator - Jackie Cole
Jackie is one of the primary faces and voices of the Wyoming
Office of Tourism. She responds to and fulfills customer requests and provides administrative support to the Brand Studio division. She inputs financial payments into the State’s accounting program.


Film, Arts & Entertainment

Film Production Senior Coordinator - Colin Stricklin
Colin’s primary role is to promote film production to Wyoming for economic and promotional benefits relevant to WOT's mission. He assists incoming production with logistics, locations and personnel for filming in Wyoming. He also manages marketing resources related to the film industry including FIFI, locations/crew databases and social media strategies.

Visit www.filmwyoming.com or call us for more information.

Memorable Place: Goosebery Creek
Favorite Activity: Disc Golf anywhere, anytime



Wyoming Office of Tourism Staff

The Travel & Tourism Division works to bring non-resident visitors to Wyoming. By actively marketing Wyoming as a vacation destination to both the domestic and international markets, this division contributes significantly to Wyoming’s economy by building a strong tourism industry. In addition, the Film, Arts & Entertainment program markets Wyoming locations to production companies and promotes Wyoming’s cultural amenities to further increase economic development and statewide tourism.

Brand Studio

Brand Studio Director - AnnDrea Boe
AnnDrea is tasked with development and execution a winning brand strategy and budget while leading a well-rounded brand studio team. She oversees all WOT advertising efforts and ensures timely fulfillment of agency-wide marketing services.


Marketing Services Sr. Coordinator - Carrie Lockwood
Carrie’s primary role of the Marketing Services Sr. Coordinator is to support and facilitate the implementation of all functions of the Brand Studio. She also maintains the master content calendar and oversees project tracking as it relates to budget, inventory, fulfillment and other related resources.


Creative Services Manager - Lesley Rowbal
Lesley manages co-op and partner efforts, promotions and sweeps as well as the review and approval of creative briefs and media plans. She is also in charge of all digital communications content including social media and graphic design.
Memorable Place: Ryan Park
Favorite Activity: Jet Skiing


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Interactive Marketing Manager - Darin Lundberg
Darin’s main responsibilities lie with the quality and integrity all WOT websites, both public and internal. He provides constant analysis of web technologies, environments, applications and assures timely and relevant evolutions of the WOT platforms. He also provides guidance on all aspects of web development contracts.

Memorable Places:  Being in the mountains
Favorite Activity:  Softball


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Visual Assets Manager - Mike McCrimmon
Mike provides all of WOT in house film and photography production and editing services. He handles the acquisition and fulfilment of all visual asset requests both in house and with WOT partners. He also makes sure all of the production and photography equipment is maintained and ready for use.


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Content Marketing Manager - Kaitlyn Anderson
Kaitlyn administers all content marketing across all owned, earned and paid channels. She also assures timely deployment of all digital communications while managing the database to monitor the integrity of data and listings. They also conduct industry training.


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Media & Public Relations Manager - Chris Mickey
Chris serves as WOT’s official spokesman to the media and public. He oversees all internal communications as it relates to the WOT staff and Board as well as all external communications as it relates to the industry and partners. He also develops a public relations strategy and manages all aspects of contracted PR services.


Global Sales and Services

Director of Global Sales and Services - James Scoon
James’ duties at WOT includes the fostering and nurturing of new and existing relationships with international trade by assuring timely and relevant communication and a high level of service from both GSS and WOT partners. He also brings forward the market strategy for international markets such as Europe, Australia and New Zealand Region, and Australia. He leads a fantastic GSS team.


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Asia, Market Development Manager - Monica Taylor-Lee
Monica’s role at WOT is to develop and employ a successful market strategy for all of Asia and its additional feeder markets. She conducts international trade familiarization trips throughout Wyoming to provide international trade members a personal experience and knowledge of the Wyoming product.


Strategic Partnerships / Welcome Centers

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Director of Strategic Partnerships - Michell Howard
Michell directs sponsorship program development aimed at maximizing opportunities, furthering WOT's mission, delivering value to Wyoming visitors and positively impacting WOT's bottom line. She also oversees the collaboration efforts between partner organizations and WOT departments and assures timely and relevant communication with these partners.
Memorable Place:  Vedauwoo
Favorite Activity:  Fall hiking & rock climbing


Visitor Services Senior Manager
- Shannon Stanfill
Shannon develops and manages an industry relations strategy for all welcome center programs aimed at increasing a visitors' length of stay in Wyoming. She leads a professional team of welcome center supervisors, integrates welcome center programs with WOT marketing campaigns and communicates opportunities to industry partners.


Destination Development Manager
- Kristin Phipps
Kristin oversees technical assistance programs related to destination and infrastructure development. She serves as a liaison between WOT and federal, state and tribal agencies to create tourism and recreation related initiatives. She also maintains communication with industry partners and advocacy efforts specific to tourism related issues.


SEWWC Supervisor - Steve Kelso
Steve oversees visitor services at the Southeast Wyoming Welcome Center (SEWWC) to ensure a memorable and informative experience to visitors. He leads a friendly SEWWC staff while managing all the vital warehouse functions such as the receipt and distribution of materials for all Wyoming welcome centers.
Memorable Places:  The Black Hills & Snowy Range
Favorite Activity:  Just being OUTSIDE


NEWWC Supervisor - Lee Anne Ackerman
Lee Anne oversees all aspects of the services at the Northeast Wyoming Welcome Center (NEWWC) to ensure the highest level of customer service to visitors. She leads a knowledgeable NEWWC staff and manages WOT industry relations education based programs along with direct to consumer marketing campaigns.
Memorable Places:  Wind River Canyon & Yellowstone
Favorite Activity:  To ride motorcycles on the Cheif Joseph Scenic Byway and the Big Horns, also my favorite places to camp.